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Station area · Hilversum, the Netherlands

Green carpet to the Media City

Reconnecting the station to the city centre of Hilversum


The station area in Hilversum is being redeveloped to be ready for the future. We applied experiences from other station areas to transform it into a connector: no longer a front and back, but a welcome and balanced heart for the urban network.

Hilversum, the Netherlands
In progress
2019 - now
Project area
5 ha
Municipality of Hilversum
De Zwarte Hond

Those arriving by train at Hilversum station will experience two completely different worlds. The extensive station building and the surrounding open spaces and high-rise buildings on the city side are in stark contrast to the small scale of the east side. The current large and small building grains do not correspond with each other, and the contrast is further emphasised by the view from the east side of the inaccessible rear of the buildings on Koninginneweg.

Commissioned by the municipality of Hilversum, together with De Zwarte Hond we have created an urban development plan and public space design for the station area of Hilversum. It is a complex assignment, aimed at providing a connection between the station and the city centre, and transforming the area into a pleasant space for meeting and leisure.

Creator of meaningful places
Creator of meaningful places

Fine-grained urban network

A fine-grained network of streets, avenues, squares, and green spaces connect the station to the city centre, extending it towards the station in a gesture that further involves the eastern side of Hilversum. The plan accommodates green spaces, residential areas, vibrancy, media, and other creative activities. The design closely aligns with the small-scale, urban character of Hilversum and the sequence of various intimate squares and green spaces the city possesses. This fine-grained structure provides pedestrians with two strong and logical routes to the centre, either via the Leeuwenstraat or the Stationsstraat.


Warm welcome in Hilversum

The intimate Stationsplein (Station Square) entices visitors to linger with abundant greenery and terrace spaces. The square also serves as a platform for Hilversum’s media innovations and hosts events. The bicycle tunnel is expanded to better connect Hilversum-Oost (Hilversum East) to the central side. The stepped slopes at the new tunnel opening, offers ample space for greenery. This green character of the new station square connects through the underpass with Oosterspoorplein. The greenery unifies the various spaces in the station area, providing room for interaction. It connects the area’s distinctive history with the vibrant future of the media city.


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