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Normaalschool in Lier wins the “Most inspiring city centre project of 2024”!


Normaalschool in Lier wins the “Most inspiring city centre project of 2024” in the category of “Building and Activity”! Organised by Platform Binnenstadsmanagement, the award celebrates projects that raise the bar for the development of city centres.

The Normaalschool in Lier, an urban school complex closed in 2012, is now being redeveloped and transformed into a vibrant public inner area with new residential and work forms, with a goal of creating a new learning network.

Our design ambition it to transform the city gardens into an active urban space by emphasising cohesive, active, and green environments, fostering community engagement and social interaction. The first courtyard has been successfully completed, while efforts are now focused on the remaining areas: each garden will offer a unique atmosphere for leisure and gatherings, connected by public routes to integrate the school complex with its surroundings.

Creator of meaningful places

This project brings an amazing opportunity for a new urban life in the densely populated city centre. Normaalschool and its inner gardens are now starting to play a key role for the community as spaces where people of all ages can come together and meet.

This is an inspiring collaboration between the city of Lier, Solag and Caaap, and we are proud to have it recognized!  Normaalschool’s project exemplifies the core of many of our designs, which are rooted in humanity and stories of places as foundation to create new resilient environments for people and nature.


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