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Station area transformation · Bunnik, the Netherlands

From vacancy to vibrancy

Towards a thriving, connected community


De Twaalf Apostelen office area is located right next to the Bunnik railway station. This outdated, stony area is struggling with vacancy while there is a huge need for housing in the greater Utrecht region. Because of this contrast, the development potential is great.  The proximity of the station and the Utrecht Science Park gives additional strategic strength for a residential location. The surrounding beautiful landscapes of the Kromme Rijn, the country estates and the New Dutch Waterline are further enhancing the attractiveness of this area.

Bunnik, the Netherlands
In progress
2021 - ongoing
Project area
17 ha (station area), 2500 ha (region)
Municipality of Bunnik
SVP Architectuur en Stedenbouw, CROSS Architecture

In 2021, we, in collaboration with SVP Architectuur en Stedenbouw and CROSS Architecture, won the selection process to draw up a vision for the station area. For this purpose, the opportunities for the site and the development of the station have been carefully considered. Attention was also paid to the site’s relation to the greater region. Together with the residents and the municipality of Bunnik, but also with the collaboration partners Royal BAM Group nv, Certitudo Capital, Portaal and Lekstede wonen as key stakeholders, we went looking for Bunnik’s DNA.

The municipality presented clear requirements, which included the creation of housing opportunities for first-time buyers and for senior citizens, the addition of high-quality greenery, and the improvement of the existing connection between the station and the surrounding area. Based on this, we have developed a vision with guidelines in which the ambition for the site is laid out.

Creator of meaningful places
Creator of meaningful places

The ultimate cyclists station

In line with the ambition to be the healthiest region of the Netherlands, slow mobility plays a central role in this transformation. The proposed bike bridge connection, reaching over the A12 and connecting the villages south of Bunnik and the new Kersenweide neighbourhood, ensures that the station is perfectly accessible. Cycling becomes a remarkably smooth experience with direct access to the new bicycle parking located at the station.

Continuous landscape experience

De Twaalf Apostelen is being transformed into an attractive residential area with a central park, while offering a destination for current villagers. In line with the input of local residents, the amount of greenery in this location is increased radically. The greener character makes it a natural extension of Bunnik itself, with the landscape always close by. Densification and greening go hand in hand with room for climate adaptation and biodiversity.

Creator of meaningful places

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