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Binckhorst · The Hague, the Netherlands

The new green heart of a thriving mixed-use destination

An extensive new city park in The Hague, with international appeal


In the coming years, The Hague will realise roughly 40,000 new homes. An important contribution to this comes from the transformation of the industrial area De Binckhorst into a highly urban mixed residential and work area. These developments necessitate a new urban park. Not only because of the quantitative demand for sufficient green outdoor space for meeting and relaxing, but also because of the qualitative demand for healthy urbanisation with an internationally distinctive business climate.

The Hague, the Netherlands
Project area
60 ha
gemeente Den Haag
Creator of meaningful places

Direct connection between buildings and green

This need is met by the new Waterfront Park. Over a length of 1.3 km, this park, running along the Trekvliet, will form a green connection between the Spui and the country estates zone. The green will reach up to the buildings, contributing to the new quality of living. The Municipality of The Hague envisions the Waterfront Park Binckhorst as an addition of international allure to the city. The park embraces its industrial and raw heritage while incorporating active programming and climate-robust features, giving it a distinctive urban character.

5 Zones

The park itself consists of a series of 5 zones with their own character and identity. The Binckhorstpark, located on the north side, connects to the city centre and will be a large-scale natural counterpart to the city’s densification. The extensive greening will go hand in hand with a reappraisal of the historical industrial heritage on the site, so that the area retains its industrial character.

The adjoining areas of Laakmolen and Kasteeltuin will have a more romantic and formal character, respectively. The Fokkerhaven and Zuidkade, on the other hand, will have a more active and quieter character in succession.

Creator of meaningful places

Well embedded

For all domains, the stony character will make way for greenery, with a focus on pedestrians and cyclists. The Waterfront Park connects all urban districts adjacent to the Trekvliet Canal and provides a new, high-quality slow traffic connection from the estate’s zone to the Spui. In short, a new park that is aimed at a healthy living environment for all residents.  The Waterfront Park in Binckhorst embodies The Hague’s vision for urban development, harmoniously blending industrial heritage with contemporary living and creating a vibrant, sustainable, and inviting urban space for residents and visitors alike.


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