“I am captivated by the fabrication and design processes of our landscapes. From the natural to the most anthropic dynamics, I enjoy revealing, upgrading and transforming them into unique, resilient and user-friendly spaces.
I see my role as designing places that shape nature-based, inclusive and vivid cities and landscapes.”

Education: MSc, Landscape architecture, Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam

“My role as a senior landscape architect involves developing expertise in climate adaptation, ecology inclusiveness, and landscape restoration. It is essential to inspire the team, clients, and users to take the necessary steps. This is a crucial part of designing dynamic processes that can grow stronger and more resilient in the face of environmental changes, whether biotic or abiotic.”

Education: MSc, Landscape architecture, Amsterdam University of the Arts

“I believe that working on urban scale is an exciting dialogue; it is the ever-changing environment, multiple stakeholders and the societal aspect that drive me to develop in this field. By staying curious and exploring new developments in the field we can achieve the best results to make our cities liveable and attractive. My professional experience and background in marketing give me a different angle in the way I approach projects, focusing on storytelling and engaging the diverse stakeholders to unite towards the same goal.”

Education: MSc, Urbanism, Delft University of Technology

“My great fascination is working with water as determining condition for landscape, and as a shaping and transformative element in landscape design. There is an urgency to reconnect nature to an industrialised and urbanising society by adding new greening strategies and qualities to our living environment.

I see my role in bringing people closer to nature and vice versa through spatial design, in supporting living landscapes by integrating natural processes, building with Nature and human interaction as part of the design.”

Education: PhD, Landscape architecture, Delft University of Technology

“Working at OKRA is my chance to help transform car-dominant cities into places for humans and animals with plants and water as main ingredients. Water and biodiversity within landscape architecture play key role in this process. I have been part of the team since 2019, and am happy to bring my creativity, design skills and humour to the table.”

Education: MSc, Landscape architecture, Amsterdam Academy of Architecture

“By working at OKRA during my studies, I am able to directly apply the theory I learn in my classes to the field. Working with such a variety of expertise and backgrounds is very inspiring and motivates me to keep exploring and learning more about the profession.

I aim to learn how to craft robust designs that prioritize the user while also emphasizing sustainability. My aspiration is to create thoughtfully designed spaces where both the user and the environment coexist in good harmony, contributing to climate, nature, and humanity. Constantly striving for improvement, I always seek to uncover the potential of a place and bring forth its essence.”

Education: BSc, Landscape design, HAS green academy (ongoing)


“Public space design is driven by its everchanging environment: nature, people, urban life and materials. I am excited to bring nature into the city and find the perfect synch of biodiversity within urban life and functional, flexible and aesthetic design. My passion lays in focusing on small details in design and construction while working in a team environment, combining diverse people and skills for the best project outcome.”

Education: MSc, Landscape architecture, Delft University of Technology

“I am driven by the ambition to create spaces that benefit humans and nature while having a positive impact on wider communities, ecosystems and the environment in general. My extensive experience in climate adaptation and active mobility allows to bring top-notch design solutions with strong concepts, a clear design language and consistent detailing. Working at OKRA is an amazing opportunity to design meaningful places in a group of great diverse people.”

Education: BSc, Landscape design, Van Hall Larenstein

“Landscape architecture is seamlessly combining the everyday use and aesthetics of a location with deeper, more complex challenges, such asheat stress, pluvial flooding, biodiversity. With my analytical and holistic approach I am keen to work on (re)developing city centres with focus on microclimate adaptation and revitalisation.”

Education: MSc, Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning, Wageningen University & Research

“Sustainable design and its diverse applications is key for resilient future, especially through circularity and recyclability. I am a creative thinker with an eye for detail, and I enjoy working on high quality realistic designs that embody innovation and circularity.”