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Meridian water · London, the United Kingdom

A climate-proof strategy for a major urban regeneration


Meridian Water serves as an example of a landscape-led masterplan, utilising the pre-existing network of brooks and canals as the backbone for a new high-density urban development. Through the strategic integration of local green and blue assets, we have crafted a robust framework that effectively mitigates flood risks threatening the area. This approach sets a visionary precedent for urban developments in the 21st century.

London, the United Kingdom
2015 - 2018
Project area
85 ha
London Borough of Enfield
KCA, Arup, Aecom

The largest urban development in North London

Meridian Water constitutes the largest urban development in North London, forming a pivotal component of the strategic Upper Lee Valley development and a key link within the Stansted Cambridge growth corridor.

major regeneration project over
25 years
first houses already developed
new homes
10 000
a mixed residential area with immense transformative potential
area of
85 ha
representing the largest development site in North London
new job opportunities
6 700
reshaping the face of North London with flourishing business developments

The climate proof strategy (toolbox)

We have defined a climate-proof strategy for Meridian Water addressing the associated flood risks, through a coherent green and blue framework. The majestic River Lee, the Lee Navigation Canal, the Salmons Brook, and Pymmes Brook all play an active role in the climate resilience strategy.

A matrix of climate adaptive tools was drafted in relation to flood prevention and urban drainage, which is coherently applied to respond to the unique characteristics of Meridian Water’s development zones.

Creator of meaningful places

Water sensitive design

Water is a fundamental part of the identity of Meridian Water. While being visibly present in the beautiful surrounding landscape, water also becomes one of the main threats in the face of climate changes. The canalisation of the local streams has progressively led to an artificial water system that leaves little space for resilience and flexibility.

By proposing the naturalisation of the water ways and by integrating water resilient zones in the public realm, not only is climate resilience increased, but additionally the identity of the space is celebrated and showcased. In this perspective, interaction with the water is encouraged in multiple ways, including playful and contemplative experiences.


Acupunture interventions in the adjecent context

While crafting the forward-thinking strategy for the Meridian Water development, we were also involved in the revitalisations of adjacent neighbourhoods, aimed at extending the climate adaptation efforts to the consolidated urban context.

As an overarching effort, we developed a master plan for the Borough of Edmonton, consisting strategic acupuncture interventions, including the integration of green infiltration zones and tree corridors.

Comprehensive spatial framework Meridian Water and Edmonton

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