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Kingston Station · London, the United Kingdom

Go Cycle

Enhancing connectivity and sustainable movement through Kingston


To support London’s population growth and its increased demands on the city’s transportation system, the Borough of Kingston has taken on the task to transform the rail station’s entrance square into an appealing, intermodal hub, while promoting sustainable mobility throughout the borough. Responding to the city’s “Go Cycle” program, our multi-disciplinary team devised an integrated proposal that optimised and improved the pedestrian and cycling experience, facilitated slow mobility to and from the rail station and reconnected the city centre to the river Thames.

London, the United Kingdom
2015 - 2021
Project area
1,45 ha
Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
Buro Happold, SWA,Tomato
Photography and videography credits
Jason Gairn

Weaving Kingston’s open spaces into a robust public realm network

On the large scale, our proposal aimed to enhance pedestrian and cycle-led connectivity throughout the town, by integrating east-west and north-south movements into a coherent and legible network of public spaces, well linked to the local green assets. As a result, wayfinding from the station to the city centre and to the riverside was greatly improved, fostering a new perception of the city when arriving in Kingston.

Creator of meaningful places

The green link to the riverside

Leveraging the residual space along the railway tracks, we have created a linear park that enriches the pedestrian and cyclist commuting experience, while providing a direct link to the river. The park environment allows people to reconnect with nature and adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle.


The gateway to the city centre

Kingston Station’s forecourt has been transformed from a cluttered and unsafe environment into a welcoming gateway towards the city centre and other destinations around the town. The new design reduced the extents of the adjacent carriageways, simplified the connections from one mobility node to another, and also provided state-of-the-art cycling infrastructure at the station. A large, raised table, combined with an iconic paving pattern, has been proposed to reduce the impact of the large junction in front of the station entrance and to signify pedestrian priority over cars.

New state-of-the-art cycling infrastructure at Kingston Station

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