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Construction Marina Promenade started


We are excited to see another step in realisation of the Marina Park masterplan with the construction of Marina Promenade moving forward in Cork, Ireland!

Supporting Cork’s ambitions for active movement, we are introducing an important slow traffic route along the river Lee. The new car-free shared pathway for pedestrians and bicycles is running through the beautiful double tree-row of mature existing trees.

Marina promenade provides a unique attraction for Cork city and serves to integrate the Marina Park, the Passage Railway Greenway and the new developments of Blackrock Village and Docklands.
Along the promenade, a sequence of balconies, designed as a paving extension of the promenade, are placed in between the bigger plazas, providing space for rest and open views toward the River Lee.

This promenade has existed since mid-18th century, used as a tracking wall to guide ships up the River Lee to Cork Harbour, but later was taken over by car traffic. The new design provides a safe, attractive and enjoyable experience and encourages a flow of people to explore the riverside and the park alongside it.

Previously we already completed the nearby part of Marina Park, and we are looking forward to continuing to work on the rest of the area, creating a new high quality inclusive park for people and nature.


A dialogue between river and city

Marina Park is a key component in Cork’s ambition to develop its docklands industrial area into a lively and integrated neighbourhood for the city.

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