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Catharijnesingel selected as finalist for the European Public Space Prize 2022


From a list of over 300 projects submitted, the restoration of the Catharijnesingel in Utrecht was selected as one of the 5 finalists for this year’s edition of the prestigious prize.  

“ This project is an excellent example of revitalising the qualities of the city by means of recovering water and its biodiversity. Inspired by the environment, all the elements, including trees, vegetation, paving materials, and street furniture have been meticulously selected and envisage how nature will evolve in future. It introduces a new, natural, and healthy microclimate that will play an important role in the present situation of global climate crisis.” 

OKRA’s design covered the final phase in an ambitious effort of the city to return the canal surrouding the historic city to its former glory, after a significant part of it had been sacrificed for motorised traffic in the 20th century. The completion of the Catharijnesingel reinstates the original stucture of the area while at the same time adapting the location to answer current challenges, creating social, green-blue places for people and animals at the heart of the city.