Laura Spenkelink MSc

project manager | landscape architect

Laura Spenkelink is a landscape architect. She believes that a well-designed green public space has a positive impact on society. As an analytical person, she likes to have an overview of the design process from start to finish. She is also fascinated for finding out how small details in the design work, from technical elements to social structures, and then use these details to elaborate further on the project as a whole. For her, working together in a multi-disciplinary team adds great value to any project, making sure all components in a plan coincide and together finding a good design solution for the location.

Laura graduated from Delft University of Technology in 2013, where she obtained a Master’s degree in landscape architecture. After graduating, she worked for four years at Felixx landscape architects in Rotterdam, where she contributed to a wide variety of projects all over the world and developed a passion for complex urban design projects.