OKRA finalist Khodinsky Park

April 7, OKRA presented its proposal for Khodinsky Park as one of the 10 finalists in Moscow. The location for the park is a former airfield that will be the core of a new urban cultural district for the city.
Our proposal presents Khodinsky Park as a theatre of Urban Culture, a venue where visitors can chose to watch or take park in the numerous events and adventures. The plan creates a balance between the large scale of the central field and the intimacy of the residential pocket gardens that surround it. This is achieved by creating balconies and elevated levels to overlook the central 'stage'. Throughout the seasons the park program and the sceneries revolve and create a year round attraction.

In the preliminary ranking, that was announced by City Architect Sergei Kuznetsov, places OKRA in fourth place, behind teams from Italy, USA and  Ukraine