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Fontys Campus Rachelsmolen · Eindhoven, the Netherlands

An inspiring haven for education


Fontys Hogescholen’s Rachelsmolen campus in Eindhoven is undergoing a remarkable transformation, evolving from a secluded island in the city to a captivating and inspiring educational environment.

The vision is to create a campus that revolves around human interaction, fostering innovation, experimentation, and entrepreneurial spirit through vibrant cross-pollination. In collaboration with Barcode Architects and Hollandse Nieuwe interior architects, OKRA landscape architects has undertaken the design of this ambitious new campus.

Eindhoven, the Netherlands
2018 - 2024
Project area
4 ha
Fontys Hogeschool
Barcode Architects, Hollandse Nieuwe
Photography credits
Antoine Thevenet

A vibrant urban square

Fontys has the ambition to be great in its small scale approach. We have translated that ambition into the spatial experience. To open up space and forge stronger connections with the city of Eindhoven, the campus fences are removed and the existing large building will make place for a finer mesh of buildings.

These new educational facilities will be thoughtfully positioned to integrate seamlessly with the existing buildings, forming a harmonious ensemble. Embracing this new configuration, an inner area of 4 hectares will emerge as a green public space, enticing people to gather and linger. At the heart of the campus, a bustling town square will stand as the captivating centrepiece.

Creator of meaningful places

Embracing climate-adaptive design

Creator of meaningful places

The campus’s design will proudly showcase a lush green character, featuring a diverse array of dynamic spaces for relaxation, mini-forests, open fields, and a wadi adorned with plantings that harmonize with the Dommel river’s ecology that is typical for the educational area of Eindhoven. This thoughtful integration will grant the campus resilience in the face of extreme precipitation, extended periods of drought, and soaring temperatures.

Throughout the landscape, outdoor classrooms have been thoughtfully incorporated, offering spaces for learning and collaboration. This emphasis on outdoor learning spaces will further encourage the campus’s healthy utilization.


A vision for a flourishing future

Our design for the new Rachelsmolen Campus seeks to create an environment that nurtures healthy learning and living experiences, both for the present and the future. This transformational Endeavour aspires to elevate the Fontys Campus to new heights, inspiring and empowering the next generation of learners and thinkers.


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