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OKRA 2 monograph published by Blauwdruk

The second book in the series about OKRA landscape architects.

In the quarter of a century of its existence, OKRA Landscape Architects has proven itself at home and abroad with valuable visions and designs for public space. Designs that testify to an integrated approach to city and landscape. Today’s problems are tackled with well thought-out solutions, with care for the historical lines and with fresh, original designs in which the human dimension is ultimately decisive.

This monograph discusses the most important projects of the last ten years and provides background to the work. Equipped with beautiful photos, impressions and plan drawings, the book gives a good picture of an agency that started as a group of friends of talents, but has now become a leading international professional occupation.

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Mark Hendriks
Sofia Opfer

NL/ENG, Hardcover, 23×22 cm, 204 pages, Full Colour

isbn 9789492474506