Re-think Athens

Athens Greece

Decline of the city
Decades of explosive growth have created infrastructural problems and a socio-cultural imbalance in Athens. The decline of the city centre is evident and accelerated by poor economic conditions. The city has a poor quality of residence and life and suffers from severe environmental degradation and a lack of urban green space.

One step beyond
Transforming Athens’ city centre into a modern metropolitan city centre requires transforming the triangle into a vibrant part of the city. OKRA takes innovative ideas about climate control, traffic flow reduction and public realm programming a step forward. The integrated design creates a resilient, accessible and vibrant city.

Economical activation
The transformation of the city centre will contribute significantly to the transformation of Athens. It will improve the city climate and activate the area economically. As a result of the transformation to a walkable city, the acquired space will be transformed into a vibrant, green and accessible city centre.