City Centre – Sittard


Historic City Centre

Sittard has a historically rich city centre. However, in the past thirty years the quality of public space has deteriorated and the experience of the characteristic historic streets have come under pressure. It is essential to invest in public space and retain the attractive city centre for residents, visitors and tourists a like.

Iconic Centre

When developing the urban vision ‘Zitterd Revisited’ OKRA’s main objective is to create a legible street layout and form inviting places to stay. The master plan distinguishes the differences between the city within the walls and the city to the northwest thereof. Two long axes, the shopping axis and cultural axis, connect both parts forming the route between the station and the market of Sittard.

Vital City

In the master plan spatial typologies are redefined, creating a clear distinction between radial streets, shopping streets, residential streets, lanes, gardens and squares. All of these interventions contribute to the transformation of a city from deteriorated centre to a vital city with specific attention given to the green and blue network.