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Rijnlandse Architectuur award, Katwijk Coastal Defence (NL), winner 2015


Kustwerk Katwijk was honored with the 2015 Rijnland Architecture Prize. This project received both the jury and public awards.

The Rijnland Architecture Prize, presented every two years, was awarded to the winners on Tuesday at the Gebr. de Nobel music venue in Leiden. The jury describes it as a “surprising structure that doesn’t seem like a building but is more of a hybrid between the landscape, a parking facility, and a clever defense system against water. This project successfully combines different typical challenges in a Dutch coastal town into a cohesive solution.”

“The project is praised for its comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach at various scales and levels of execution. Engineering, urban planning, landscape design, public domain layout, and the community’s well-being all work in harmony.”

“A new world has been created between the town and the beach. It’s a remarkable piece of Dutch engineering that deserves emulation. The fact that this design has won both the jury and public awards signifies that Kustwerk Katwijk is considered a ‘pearl’ in the region,” noted the jury.