Forgotten Quays

The quays were a long forgotten area in the city of Rotterdam. The city centre has undergone positive change with the densification and revitalisation of its centre and with these changes the focus has now shifted towards the quays. Paying attention to how they should be incorporated as valuable place to stay along the waters edge.


Green Quay

The OKRAs plans for Westerkade and Parkkade provide green park-like quays with a clear distinction between places to stay and circulation space. The alternations of small and large spaces foreseen that events can be accommodated along the quay whilst remaining an intimate space on quiet days.

A wide staircase and jetty has been designed at the end of the Westerkade allowing visitors to sit closer to the water and also forms a new stop for the water taxi. The tree-lined quay is enhanced by a sequence of planting areas with wide sitting edges. The planting, as proposed by Piet Oudolf, creates an alternating image through the seasons.


Recreational Ribbon Along the Meuse

Shortly after being realised the Westerkade became a popular destination for locals and visitors of Rotterdam. It has therefore become the model for changing the riverbanks. The quays in Rotterdam are being transformed into a recreational ribbon, according to the City Centre Master Plan by OKRA. Rotterdam is connected to the Meuse