Mechelen Belgium

Pleasant square

Unlike the Grote Markt, the Korenmarkt was always the square of the people of Mechelen. Over the years, the square lost its character and changed from a meeting place into a car park. Spatially, the Korenmarkt became a widening of the street and was no longer recognisable as a square. OKRA has transformed the Korenmarkt from a car park into a pleasant square. A destination with much attention to its location and historical value.

On the sand ridge

The square is situated on the south bank of the river Dijle and has the shape of a lazy staircase that descends towards the river. The square’s stepping and colour palette emphasise the square’s position on the edge of a sand ridge within the city. The sitting edges at the planting areas are designed in the shape of grains and refer to the former function of the Korenmarkt. 

Bustling Square

OKRA’s redevelopment plan makes the Korenmarkt again the most urban space in this part of Mechelen, a vibrant city square where the people of Mechelen come together for a snack and a drink.