Utrecht the Netherlands

The inner city of Utrecht has been surrounded by water and greenery again since September 2020. The restoration of the canal structure around the old city of Utrecht is an important part of the Master Plan Station Area. To this end, the original, historic water structure has been restored by re-digging the canal where it was dammed up in the past.

Soft and sloping city park
The project area has a green and sloping character in which ecology, (water) recreation and traffic have been carefully integrated. Thanks to the nature-friendly foreshores, there is more space for flora and fauna and a lot of greenery has been brought back into the city. In the style of the Dutch landscape architect Zocher, the water line is a cultivated line, in which the reflection of the park is visible. The same design components as elsewhere along the canal are applied here. These include groups of rhododendrons, short-mowed meadows, roughly mowed meadows with feral flower bulbs, shrub groups and the scattered groups of trees.

Cruising around the historic city centre
On the east side, the berths for pleasure craft will be removed to enhance the park atmosphere. The jetty will be made suitable for mooring canoes (lower entry and exit) and mooring wedding and funeral boats, and will also be made accessible for the disabled. A spacious seating area will also be added to the jetty. With the return of the water, the entire canal will once again be a place where people can have a pleasant stay. You can cruise around the city centre and see the old remains of Vredenburg Castle under the Hoog Catharijne shopping centre. On Saturday 12 September 2020, the last part of Catharijnesingel was officially opened to the public.