Pierre-Alexandre Marchevet

Associate | Landscape Architect

Pierre-Alexandre Marchevet works at OKRA since 2008. In 2017 he became an associate. He generates designs, conceptual, and constructive ideas, and has a structuring and creative role within the firm. He brings a creative force to projects and helps reformulate implicit questions, develops and crystallises concepts, strategies and designs.

With a focus on urban and landscape design projects, Pierre-Alexandre has developed a multi-layered and integral approach that combines essential aspects of projects: poetry and innovation, spatial quality and site-specific stories, intervention and appropriation. As a project leader, he has pioneered the French market and now coordinates the projects of the office in French-speaking areas. Pierre has a background in Applied Arts and Interior Design. He studied landscape architecture at the Versailles School of Landscape Architecture (ENSP) and at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. Before joining OKRA, he worked at Latitude Nord Paysagistes in Paris and at Karres en Brands Landscape Architects in the Netherlands.