Giulia Spagnolo MSc

Urban designer

Giulia Spagnolo (1992) is an urban designer. She joined OKRA in 2019. Her interest in landscape design and urban design combined with her international background makes her a versatile designer through disciplines and through scales. Her design-oriented, multidisciplinary approach allows her to address the complexity of territories translating the theoretical research into poetic designs with high spatial quality. She believes in the responsibility of urban design to guarantee the development of urban environments as organic ecologies, enhancing through clear designs biodiversity, liveability and sustainability. Her work is grounded on the idea that urban design is able to generate a sense of community and belonging, affecting individual and collective behavior as well as molding a new idea of urban environment.

Giulia holds a Master in urbanism from Delft University of Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in building architecture from Politecnico di Milano. She has previously worked at Laboratorio Permanente in Milan and at SLETH (Aarhus, Denmark) with whom she has taken part in urban design competitions, large scale urban developments and public spaces design. Giulia is currently involved in a variety of local and international projects.