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Caspar van Wittelplantsoen · Amersfoort, the Netherlands

A green haven anchoring the space


The Caspar van Wittelplantsoen connects the various new-build areas at the tip of the Soesterkwartier with each other and their urban context. It does this by creating one coherent and accessible experience that is as green as possible, right at the doorstep of the residents.

Amersfoort, the Netherlands
Project area
2,4 ha
Municipality of Amersfoort
Rots Maatwerk
Photography credits
Annie Beugel. Pierre Marchevet

The Caspar van Wittelplantsoen in Amersfoort emerges as a new urban park. It functions as captivating link, seamlessly connecting the new Soesterkwartier building along Puntenburgerlaan with the existing structures, acting as a lush green meeting point for both long-standing and new residents. Within a relatively small area, the ambition was in creating an abundance of greenery, and this vision takes form through the strategic placement of a multitude of new trees and expansive grassy plains, forming the very foundation of the park.

Creator of meaningful places
Creator of meaningful places

A playful topography

The park’s enchanting rolling grasslands bestow upon it a natural and intimate ambiance, where a clever interplay with elevation creates a central area that stands out gracefully from its surrounding streets. A well-defined network of paths ensures a seamless east-west connection from the station and Soesterkwartier to Eemcentrum, while also seamlessly linking the surrounding homes on the park side. These diverse pathways meander through the park’s topography, adding an element of intrigue to the overall design.

Water as a symbol of serenity

At the heart of the park lies a captivating shallow water strip that gracefully winds its way between the central housing blocks, forming a series of gently stepped pools. This captivating water feature not only offers a picturesque view but also creates an inviting ambiance for communal living and relaxation. The allure of the water adds a touch of luxury and tranquillity to the park, beautifully reflecting the desired high quality and atmosphere that defines this new green haven.

Creator of meaningful places

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