OKRA finalist Khodinsky Park

On April 7, OKRA presented their proposal for Khodinsky Park as one of the 10 finalists in Moscow. The location for the park is a former airfield that will form the core of a new urban cultural district for the city.

Our proposal presents Khodinsky Park as a theater of Urban Culture, a place where visitors can choose to watch or participate in the many events and adventures. The plan provides a balance between the large scale of the central field and the intimacy of the residential pocket gardens that surround it. This is achieved by the creation of a balcony, and height differences of the central ‘stage’. Throughout the seasons the image of the park changes and the decor allows it to become a year-round attraction.

In the provisional ranking, which was announced by city architect Sergei Kuznetsov, OKRA came in fourth place, behind the teams from Italy, the US and Ukraine.