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OKRA monograph published by Blauwdruk

In this book, the work of OKRA is considered and placed in the context of the development of Dutch landscape architecture. For the essay, Noël van Dooren spoke to partners and employees of OKRA, viewed projects, read their articles and studied their designs. In line with his research into representational techniques in landscape architecture, he became fascinated with the use of form and the way in which OKRA presents that form in images. That is one of the characteristics that distinguishes OKRA from other firms, including those firms that, like OKRA, arose at a time when the majority of today’s leading landscape architecture firms were founded. He also discovered the other side of OKRA’s work. It is not about form, but about time, use, flexibility and the development of new concepts that may never be built.

OKRA wants to do better than average. And the agency has proven that it succeeds – as evidenced by the many awards it has won. OKRA links current design practice to a convincing own vision. It makes stories and broad outlines tangible and cherishes the city as a pleasant place to stay.

Both nationally, with The Stationsplein in Enschede, the inner city of Zutphen, the quay of Doesburg, the Domplein in Utrecht, Van Heekplein in Enschede and the Westerkade in Rotterdam as well as internationally: the inner city of Mechelen, the riverbank in Holstebro in Denmark and soon Wellesley Road, in London Croydon, OKRA represents design of public spaces in the city.

Cathelijne Nuijsink interviewed OKRA’s partners and described ten important projects.

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Text: Noël van Dooren, Cathelijne Nuijsink

Photography: Ben ter Mul, Daniel Nicolas et al.

NL/ENG, Hard cover, 23×23 cm, 144 pages, full colour

ISBN 978-90-75271-42-3, NUR 648