Cork Marina Park forward to planning

The master plan and detailed design of Marina Park, Cork Ireland has been put forward to planning. The plan has been presented to the public on the ninth of April and it received a lot of positive news attention.

The Marina Park, a former brownfield site development along the Irish River Lee in the city of Cork, is a strategic project and will act as a catalyst for the future development of the city and the regeneration of its Docklands. The masterplan includes the transformation of the largely derelict Showground buildings, a grass-tiered amphitheater, the development of ornamental wetland gardens and the creation of a large lawn picnic area.

The park plays an essential role in the delivery of flood relief for storm water runoff. Not just in the park, but more importantly for the surrounding residential areas and future dockland development. It gives a landscape solution to urban adaptation to climate change by creating space for temporary storage for increased extreme rainfall events and rising sea levels. These wetlands areas with the selection of native plant species also enhance the local biodiversity.