Preliminary Design for the Croeselaan is approved by the Board

The Utrecht City Council Board has approved the preliminary design for the Croeselaan as proposed by OKRA. The design proposes the transformation of the northern part of the Croeselaan, from Jaarbeursplein to the Jan van Foreeststraat. The main principle for the preliminary design are to separate car and bicycle traffic, create wide and comfortable pedestrian pavements and strengthen the green structure.

The City of Utrecht are making major investments into the improvement of Jaarbeursplein and its surroundings. One of their priorities in the station area is to create an organised and functional cycle and pedestrian network. The cyclists in the Croeselaan will be separated from the traffic and combined with the green structure. The basis for the green structure will be the creation of a strong grid of 5 rows of linden trees spanning the width of the Croeselaan.

The central three rows of trees will be planted with little leaf linden, Tilia cordata ‘rancho’, will be planted in a lawn that in the spring will flower with white crocus. The lawn in the median undulates slightly, reflecting the former canal that was once in the Croeselaan. The outer rows will be silver linden, Tilia tomentosa ‘varsaviensis’, and planted in a mixed shrub borders which will also reflect the silver colour throughout the year and flower pink and lilac in the summer.