Trees for Lukhanyo Hub

On Friday 22 November the Lukhanyo Hub project in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, was officially opened. The design team, consisting of OKRA, RCDC and ISIDIMA shared their long-term ambitions for the hub which is centred around creating safe and secure neighbourhoods by activating under-utilised land at schools.

OKRA has set up a climate-adaptive strategy based on low-cost tools and promotion of awareness towards water-related issues. This project was funded by the Dutch government and consists of a resilient green wall that is feed by recycled rainwater. 

Recently the schoolchildren have been working at a workshop and concluded that they want more trees planted. With planting trees, the hub can become a green area for education, sports and urban farming and be a real community centre. Last week, the schoolchildren were already planting some small trees together with Dutch consul Sebastiaan Messerschmidt. OKRA is going to expand on this. We will plant more trees in the next year.

Join our mission
It would be great if one big tree will become an ubuntu tree, where children and other people come together. Ubuntu means being generous, hospitable, friendly, caring and compassionate. It is the idea of sharing what you have. Join our mission and make a donation to help us plant more trees.