Team OKRA-SVP-CROSS to create urban vision for Woerden railway station area

OKRA Landscape Architects has been commissioned by the municipality of Woerden to create an urban vision for the area around the railway station in Woerden in collaboration with SVP and CROSS Architecture.

Woerden is a beautiful historic fortified city in the centre of the Netherlands; it is the gateway to the Green Heart region. The area around the station is the focus of many changes, such as planned residential construction in Middelland and Snellerpoort. It is important that these changes tie in well with each other and that the accessibility of the station and the connection with the city centre are safeguarded. At the same time, various improvements are possible in the area around the station itself. In order to view all the elements together, an urban vision on the area in the coming decades will be developed. The team OKRA-SVP-CROSS has lots of experience with similar urban projects, such as the station areas in Den Bosch, Hilversum, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Rouen and Utrecht.