OKRA makes urban design plan for Stadswerven Dordrecht

Another milestone has been reached in the Stadswerven development in Dordrecht, the oldest city of Holland. The urban design plan by OKRA for the most privileged space within the Stadswerven development has been handed over to the City of Dordrecht for detailing and execution.

At Vlek A, the water, which surrounds the site from three different sides, offers a distinct identity to the development of the public space. Three distinct zones are highlighted in the proposed design: a linear corridor connecting two water bodies (the Wantij and the Beneden Merwede), a floating recreational deck and an emerging wetland west of the site.

The tide has been embraced in the design with a stepped low quay, facilitating direct contact with the water during high tide. This way a highly-active waterfront has been created, turning the site into an attractive destination for the new urban neighbourhood and the beautiful historical city centre of Dordrecht

We look forward to the project’s realization in the coming years.