Soon Mechelen will have another park to add to their beautiful city! 

Keerdokpark will be part of a new district Keerdok, located just outside of the former fortifications of Mechelen, on the river Dijle. In the past the river has been diverted around the city center, creating this triangular plot, where industry was located. It will be redeveloped to an inviting entrance to the city. 

In the final design of the Keerdokpark, the area around the future neighbourhood café refers to the old concrete factory that was located here. Plantings with perennials, evergreen plantings and flowering grasses follow the structure of the former sand storage areas and places for playing and sporting are included. The rest of the park will be more natural, with places for water storage, creating different habitats for small animals, and of course lots of green. This results in an inviting, lush green and resilient public space. 

OKRA landscape architects is working on more designs located in and around Keerdok, more details coming later!