Utrecht Singel Canal reopens 12 September 2020

The restoration of the canal structure around the old city centre of Utrecht is an essential part of the Station Area Master Plan. The original historical water structure will be restored by re-digging the canal where it was dampened in the past. The first parts were restored in 2015. The final part of the restoration of the canal is the part from the Mariaplaats to the Bartholomeus bridge, the Catharijnesingel Zuid.

OKRA has made a preliminary design on the assignment of the municipality of Utrecht and the parties involved, which was adopted in November 2017. The design consists of bringing back the canal and the construction of a new park on the east side of Catharijnesingel. This park is an extension of the Zocherpark. In the style of Zocher, the waterline is a cultivated line, in which the reflection of the park in the water is expressed.

The project area is characterised by its green, sloping character in which flora and fauna, ecology, (water) recreation and traffic have been carefully fitted in. In 2018, the demolition of the concrete road tank began. From 12 September 2020, it will be possible to paddle around Utrecht’s historic city centre along the canal.