OKRA makes a design for a new quay and beach on the coast of Huizen

OKRA has been commissioned by the municipality of Huizen (NL) to work on a design for the redevelopment of the quay (Zomerkade) at Lake Gooimeer. The assignment is a follow-up to the integral coastal vision for Huizen drawn up by OKRA, which was adopted at the end of 2019. In addition to the new quay, the 10-hectare plan area also includes the beach and the recreational area Gooierhoofd.

The Zomerkade is a fantastic quay on the beach, but there is not enough space for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy the quay as a promenade. Easily accessible beach entrances are lacking along the quay and the nearby restaurants and bars have a limited connection to the beach. The beach itself is split up and lacks clear zoning. In order to permanently improve the use and experience of the Zomerkade, one wide beach will be created that can be used for events, sports and other forms of recreation. The Zomerkade will be made car-free so that space can be used optimally. Other parts of OKRA’s coastal vision, such as the realisation of a natural swimming pond at the Wedekuil and the placement of a beach pavilion, will also be further elaborated. The plans will be further developed in consultation with the residents.

Coastal projects
OKRA has a lot of experience with coastal projects, such as the project Katwijk Coastal Defense, Cadzand-Bad, and the seaside resort Soorts-Hossegor on the French coast. OKRA is currently working on a vision for the coastal area of the municipality of Gooise Meren that should give direction for the next 20 years. OKRA is also working on a series of coastal defence works along the coast of Shenshan in China.