Wetteren aan de Schelde

Wetteren Belgium

City on the Scheldt

Wetteren originated with its back towards the River Scheldt. The area between the centre and the Scheldt was later filled with harbour functions and companies, which have disappeared over time from the centre of Wetteren. What remained was an anonymous district. The project Wetteren on the Scheldt orientates the centre towards the River Scheldt.

The Bastion

Wetteren strengthens its identity as a residential city on the River Scheldt by the addition of new housing and public functions, such as a city café and the administrative centre. The public space emphasises the character of the architecture as a bastion of the Scheldt. The building rises from the surface, which forms part of the bastion. In the plan of OKRA, the floor of the public space has a strong relationship with the brick facade.

Vibrant City Space

The route through the bastion connects the city hall to the market with the new administrative centre of the Scheldt. The fascinating walk along the monumental church, Sint-Gertrudiskerk, with its churchyard, new homes and the city terrace ends at the Scheldt Balcony with a beautiful view over the River Scheldt. The new space is not only for residents, but a public place in Wetteren.