Ground Water Collection Area

Throughout the Netherlands there are many ground water collection areas; most are located in the open countryside outside of the city. Zeist has expanded so much in recent years that the water collection area can now be found in the middle of the village. Through the initiative of the water company, Vitens, Zeist Council and the Housing Corporation, the Kombinatie, this area is to be upgraded from dog walking spot to park for the whole neighbourhood.


The water collection area is a clearing in the forest. The various programme components included in the park make use of the contrast between closed and open space. The forest atmosphere on the western edge is designed as a woodland play area whilst the open space is a flowering meadow with playing fields. In this way the park more than just a green spot in the neighbourhood, the pocket park has gained a strong sense of the recreational use for the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Making the Water Function Visible

A water playground also makes the function of water collection visible and tangible for children. The pumping equipment from Vitens has a prominent place in the park showing the importance of the park, as here is it the case that without park, there would be no water for the residents.