Waterfront Park Binckhorst

The Hague the Netherlands

A new The Hague, a new Binckhorst park

The Municipality of The Hague has the ambition to add international quality to the city with the 1.3 km long Waterfront Park Binckhorst. The new park has a high urban character with industrial, raw, actively programmed, and climate-robust qualities.

Waterfront park as key in the city

Approximately 40,000 new homes will be built in The Hague in the coming years. As part of these developments, the Binckhorst will be transformed from an industrial area into a mixed living and working area. These developments call for a new city park. Not only because of the quantitative demand for sufficient green outdoor space for meeting and relaxing but also because of the qualitative demand for healthy urbanisation with an internationally distinctive residential and business climate.

Five zones along the Trekvliet
Five zones will be created that derive their identity from existing qualities in and around the zones. The Waterfront Park connects the urban districts adjacent to the Trekvliet Canal and provides a new, high-quality slow traffic connection from the estate’s zone to the Spui. In short, a new park aimed at a healthy living environment for all residents.