Walk of Freedom

Cadzand-Bad the Netherlands

Dune promenade

An important part of the transformation of Cadzand-Bad was to enhance the experience of the sea. The sea has been made more experienceable with a seaside balcony with a marina on the west side. The marina is a recreational destination with a promenade to the head of the pier, a few places by the sea and the construction of a harbour square. In the front line of the seaside resort, the dune has been widened, and OKRA has created a new route along the sea, a dune promenade, with special places that interact with the theme of ‘wellness’. 

Walk of Freedom

At prominent points, monuments have been included in the public space. The key to the public space’s success lies in properly connecting the Boulevard de Wielingen with the marina by raising the road behind the dyke and creating a new sloping square. This place has been made remarkable with the Walk of Freedom monument, a tribute to the laureates of the Roosevelt Four Freedoms Awards, a prize that is awarded every two years to men, women and organizations that give an inspiring interpretation of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.

Strong identity

With the transformation by OKRA, a change has been made to a seaside resort with a marina and a strong identity. Where the seaside resort lacked an attractive route along the sea, a dune promenade has been realized in the new dunes. With the further development of the seaside resort, the presence of nature and the experience of the dunes will become even more of a strong quality than is currently the case.