Waalfront Tiel


Connect with the Waal River

Through the centuries Tiel has lost contact with the Waal, although it arose as a trading town on the river. The removal of harbour functions and the raising of the dikes have created disconnection between the city and the Waal. Tiel would like to regain its address on the Waal, returning to the city on the river it once was. Proposed by the province and supported by the EMAB status, Tiel is willing to tackle the 2-kilometre Waal front.


Relax in City of Tiel

OKRA’s master plan provides direction as to how Tiel can develop into the central city of the River landscape and reconnects to the river. The city will be further developed to the dike, not as a mask, but as a trigger for the different districts. The dike is the backbone of the Waal front and connects all areas together. The city centre is the urban bastion, and green areas on the slopes make the transition towards the landscape.


Waal Front: The Face of Tiel

Together the areas create a broad spectrum of relaxing atmospheres, so that the Waal front creates an address for the city on the river. The master plan of OKRA is a framework for gradual development in the short and longer term. The Waal front becomes the face of Tiel, central city of the River landscape.