Vorobievy Gory Park

Moscow Russia

Forgotten City viewpoint

The viewpoint of Vorobievy Gory is green balcony overlooking the Moscow River, which provides a phenomenal panoramic view of the city Moscow. Vorobievy Gory has been unjustly forgotten, and with little maintenance over the years has become inaccessible and unsafe part of the city. An area of significant potential, the city viewpoint is part of diverse parklands and nature reserve, created in the 1950s around the Moscow State University, named after Lomonosov.

Revival of history

The Vorobievy Gory project focuses on conserving and revealing the history of this unique park within the city. The re-design of the viewpoint is the first step in re-establishing the park as a unique tourist destination with views over the city, whilst preserving the fragility of the nature of the park.

City Brand

OKRA’s design utilises not only their knowledge and experience of urban and landscape design, but focuses on creating a new brand for city of Moscow. Creating a new functional park that considers climate, pedestrian comfort and the mature trees in the park. The centrepiece of the park is a historic map in the pavement of the viewpoint. Illustrating to visitors that they stand on one of the important hills that the city is built upon, creating a glimpse to the historical significance of the park whilst looking over the vast city today.