Upton en Raynham Road

London United Kingdom


The development of the Upton & Raynham Road site aims to heal the currently disconnected urban fabric and create a high-quality, integrated and coherent residential development in the borough of Enfield. The proposed plan focuses on increasing ground floor permeability and bringing to the site new typologies of urban housing which screen the busy North Circular Road and enable much-needed neighbourhood-scale green amenities to the south of the site.



Building on OKRA’s commitment to creating ‘Health Cities’, the landscape and public realm proposal for the new development aspires to create a resilient, accessible and vibrant neighbourhood. A strong green spine that runs across the site provides attractive and safe places that bring the community together, while boosting climate control. A central public square becomes a focal point for the residents to meet, seat and play. Various opportunities for play have been carefully dispersed through the site in order to create a stimulating and safe environment for young children.



Water becomes a key element in defining a sense of place and identity for the new residential neighbourhood, due to the historical location of the Pymmes Brook within the site, the proximity to the Lee Valley and the need of incorporating sustainable urban drainage in the new development. Having as a resource the Meridian Water toolbox for water sensitive urban design, various water features have been integrated in the public realm, providing opportunities for playful interaction with water and managing urban drainage through an integrated approach.