The Garage – Roof Garden

Amsterdam Netherlands

Urban icon in development

The former Citroën Building (‘The Garage’) next to the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam is an icon, designed by Jan Wils according to the ‘laws’ of the Nieuwe Zakelijkheid (New Objectivity) movement. The building is to be given a new mix of work and leisure facilities. The characteristic access ramp will function as a connecting element between the floors in the new design of Rijnboutt and lead the visitors to the roof of the building where OKRA has designed a green oasis, a sheltered spot with a view of the Olympic Stadium and the Zuidas business district.

Open roof

With abundant planting and concentration areas, but also larger spaces to have meetings and drinks, the new roof garden is an inviting refuge for a wide range of users: from lessees who use the roof garden as a space for breaks and meetings, to visitors who can enter the roof via the access ramp. It includes a seat with various potential uses centrally placed in the public area, which OKRA has designed to tie in with the sober syntax of the building.

Active roof landscape

While new companies will establish operations in the building, and shops and restaurants will open their doors, people on the roof can familiarise themselves with the green environment on the basis of the seasons. People will savour the smell and the spectacle of the first spring blossoms, have lunch outside from the first days of spring and enjoy the waving ornamental grasses in the winter.