Storaa Stream

Holsterbro Kommune Denmark

Place versus space

Set against a background of too much undefined and anonymous space, the project of creating a dance theatre in Holstebro offered the opportunity to redefine public realm and to make place in stead of space.

Public theatre

OKRA reconnected the two parts of the small city by their intervention of making an attractive front towards the small river Storaa. The riverside is transformed to a public theatre by making sculptural space of ‘foldings’ . Continuous space of paths, small spots and places to sit, is arisen, where the user component becomes of the set. The folded urban realm of both riverbanks is tied together, the sculptural bridge being a place where people can pass or citizens can stay and watch the scenery. On the other side the former parking space in the south is transformed into a stage, having a large water feature for children to play with and long stairs.

 New élan

As a result the completion of the Storaa Stream project makes a major difference in the city by connecting the two parts of the centre. The public spaces around the cultural buildings, like cinema and dance theatre, provide new élan to the city by transforming them into an outdoor stage.