Storaa Stream

Holsterbro Kommune Denmark

Place versus space
Against a background of many undefined and anonymous spaces, the development of a dance theatre provided an opportunity to redesign the public space in Holstebro and create new meaningful places.

Public theatre
OKRA restored the dichotomy in the city by making the river Storaa part of the urban fabric. Both sides of the river have been transformed into a public theatre. The ground level is folded into a sculptural space. This has created an interaction between high and low. The spaces and places give rise to a place to stay, so that the visitor becomes part of the scenery.

New impetus
The sculptural bridge is not only a routing, but also a special place to stay. From the bridge, there is a beautiful view of the landscape. The former car park on the south side of the dance theatre has been set up as a stage. Here, a park provides the backdrop. Through the transformation, the Storaa Stream has become a recreational and iconic part of the city centre. The parts of the city are now connected and this provides the city with a new impetus.