Station Area Hilversum

Hilversum The Netherlands

Green carpet to the media city

Commissioned by the Municipality of Hilversum, OKRA together with the architectural firm De Zwarte Hond, drew up an urban plan and design for the outdoor space for the Hilversum railway station area. A complex assignment in which the connection between the station and the inner city is improved, and the area is transformed into a pleasant place to meet and stay.

Fine-meshed urban network

An intricate network of streets, avenues, and squares connects the station to the centre. And by continuing the centre to the station, the eastern side of Hilversum is involved in the centre. The plan provides space for greenery, housing, liveliness, media and other creative activities. The plan fits in closely with the small-scale, urban character of Hilversum and the concatenation of various private squares. An intricate structure offers pedestrians two strong and logical routes to the city centre, via the Leeuwenstraat or the Stationsstraat.

A warm welcome in Hilversum

The intimate station square with its greenery and space for terraces invites you to stay. The square also forms a stage for Hilversummer media innovations and offers space for events. The bicycle tunnel will be widened to connect Hilversum-Oost with the centre side better. There is plenty of room for greenery on the stepped slopes at the new tunnel mouths. The green character of the new station square will be connected to the Oosterspoorplein via the underpass. The greenery connects the different spaces in the station area with each other and offers space for meeting. It combines the unique history with the lively future of the media city.