Forgotten Value

Although located in the centre of the city, Stadswater was neglected and unknown to the people of Rotterdam. The Stadswater was over looked as a valuable urban space. Located at the backside of the building; it was often used as parking along the quay and generally run down public space.

On the Waters Edge

With the master plan for public space, the docks, squares and bridges of Stadwater, OKRA has focused upon bringing attention back to the water in the centre of Rotterdam. Neglected public spaces have been transformed into an attractive meeting place on the water with an urban feel.

Upgraded Front

Possible seating and lots of green spaces contribute to an improved living environment around the Stadswater. With the reduction in the number of quay walls and the introduction of ramps to the water, the atmosphere and visibility with the water has significantly improved. Many residents and business owners see the transformation of the public space in the Stadswater area as a new front.