Stadsplein – ‘s Heerenberg


Centre Metamorphosis

With the redevelopment of the two shopping streets and the two squares, De Bleek and the Stadsplein, the heart of ‘S-Heerenberg has been completely transformed. Attractive and durable materials give the centre a qualitative boost and mark the old city gate as entrance to the historic centre. Tourism, recreation and shopping are intertwined in a sophisticated manner creating a new impulse for the picturesque town.

Shared Ambition

For a long time there has been a debate within the cities’ municipality, residents and retailers about parking and routing creating a longer planning process. OKRA focused upon shifting the attention from conflicting interests to one common desired image. The result is a site-specific design that is widely supported by municipality, residents and business owners.

‘Long-Cherished Wish’

The design for the square is divided into different spaces, a square with parking between the trees and an attractive place to stay. A strong composition in the pavement connects both parts and green areas surround the parking. While residents and tourists can stay and enjoy a drink or snack, the children can play in the play area. The water element on the square can also be used as a stage, enhancing the use and atmosphere on the square. According to the councillor the redevelopment of the Stadsplein is the ‘icing on the cake’ of ‘s-Heerenberg’s master plan and is a ‘long-cherished wish’ come true.