Stadslandgoed Limos



In 1995 the former barracks Limos, on the east of Nijmegen, became an area for potential new development. The complex is a green island in the city with its unique history. The city estate can become a new neighbourhood in the city for people who want to live and work in an urban yet green environment.


Green Fingers

OKRA’s proposal utilises the character of the barracks as the starting point for the plan. The tangible history, the neighbouring landscape, the undulations in the terrain and the existing vistas guide the new housing units. We provide contrast to the surroundings by placing large solitary building blocks in an informal and open structure. The new ensemble opens like a fan to the green scenery surrounding. Slopes and undulations create recessed forms that can accommodate parking while minimising the visual impact and retaining the strongest landscape experience.


City Estate

We replace the barracks with carefully positioned buildings, which have an open structure, linking the strong urban character of west Limos with the greener area of east Limos. With these interventions, the city and city estate begin new interactions, a new friendship.