Leuven Belgium

Canal basin

With the development of the area around the Vaartkom in Leuven, the former industrial area has developed into an urban sub-centre with space for residential housing, offices and trade. Striking and historically valuable buildings have new use while old and dilapidated buildings have been replaced by new buildings. Or, as in the case of the Sluispark, are transformed into a neighbourhood park.


Experiencing the Dijle River

The river De Dijle connects the historically important cities of Mechelen and Leuven. It is an important river for the water management of Leuven. OKRA’s design integrates De Dijle into the overall design for the neighbourhood park. This breaks with Leuven’s tradition of hiding the river under stones and behind planting. By optimally combining the water and a park, a pleasant green space has been created in the stony and densely built-up residential area.


A park for the neighbourhood

Different walking and cycling routes divide the park into different fields, each with its own use and appearance. In the new Sluispark you will find a playground, a neighbourhood square, a nuts orchard and a water playground. With this sophisticated balance between space for the wishes of local residents and programmed space, the local residents have been given the neighbourhood park they desire, which they use as an extension of their own home.