Leuven Belgium

Canal Basin

With the development of the area around the canal basin of this former industrial area will be developed into an urban sub-centre with space allocated for residential, offices and commercial use. Distinctive and historically valuable buildings will be redeveloped whilst the old, often dilapidated, buildings will be demolished and replaced by new buildings. Or, as in the case of the Sluispark will be transformed into a neighbourhood park.


Experience the Dyle

The Dyle River is a major river of the overall water balance of Leuven. OKRA’s design integrates the Dyle in the design of the neighbourhood park. Thus breaking with the tradition of Leuven to hide its connection to the river behind rocks and green. By optimally combining water and park, sluispark will become a pleasant respite in the stony and densely built residential area.


A Park for the Neighbourhood

By paving the most logical pedestrian and cycling routes through the park different spaces are created. These fields have their own content and appearance. The design includes a playground, neighbourhood square, nut orchard and a water playground. This sophisticated balance between space for personal interpretation and programmed space means that the park can become an extension of their own home for the residents.