Sint Libertus

Mechelen Belgium

Softening the Space

The church, St. Libertuskerk and school are central to the district of Nekkerspoe in Mehelen; both bring many people together however required a more pleasant space to meet. The realisation of a new residential development resulted in the church becoming cut off, making it difficult to see the transition between public domain and private residential grounds. The whole area has a very stony character, lacking relationship with the surrounding landscape and can benefit from a greener environment.


Green Distribution

The church and school together form an important part of the programme for the area. OKRA’s proposal creates a large communal meeting place with a clear division between private and public space. Both the houses and the church are embedded in green lawns and flowering plants. The placement of the church on a green base provides a buffer between private homes and public domain.


A Neighbourhood Awoken

The former hardscape has been softened by the introduction of a green square. A welcoming space for locals to enjoy, sit and meet each other. The neighbourhood is awakened and become much more active.