Sint Katelijnestraat

Mechelen Belgium

City Entrance

On the main road entering the centre of Mechelen there are high demands regarding the quality of the public space. However, Sint- Katelijnestraat was dominated by clutter, a traffic hazard and in addition, the road did not do justice as the entrance for the historic city of Mechelen.

Pleasant Walking Environment

By shifting the priority from motorised traffic to space for pedestrians, OKRA managed to increase the safety and create better quality along the street. A continuous profile provides a peaceful base, in which the adjacent squares and courtyards,Sint-Katelijnekerkhof and Stadsheimelijkheid, become the special spots along the line. The church of Sint-Katelijnekerkhof has been given a green plinth with lots of possibilities to sit and relax. Elevated and tilted green elements are placed strengthening the relationship between the building and the street. The Stadsheimelijkheid is an alternative way to reveal the Melaan waterway by creating a raised reflective water surface. Also here, the signature water rings that mark the former routes of the canals can be found here. They can be found as a trail throughout the historic city of Mechelen. The water noise attracts visitors and masks the sound of the city.

Experience Mechelen

Now it is a pleasant stroll towards the heart of Mechelen over the Sint-Katelijnekerkhofand following the route marking the former canals in the Stadsheimelijkheid. The two major landmarks are now clearly marked and Sint- Katelijnestraat is a refined entrance for Mechelen.