Singel Park

Oldenzaal the Netherlands

A green-blue park

On the medieval defensive walls that encircle the centre of Oldenzaal, a new park is being built: the Singel Park. The new park will give Oldenzaal a green ring around the city centre, adding a lot of greenery, shade and biodiversity to the city centre. A circular wadi will enable the drainage and collection of rainwater. The result will be a linear green-blue park.

City wall, bastions and gates

On the side of the city, the wadi will have a low brick wall and a natural stone cover. In this way, the round shape of the inner city is made visible. The wall refers to the old city wall and marks the transition from the Singel Park to the city centre. There are references to the city’s industrial past at the location of three old city gates, there are references to the city’s industrial history, with the factories and bleaching fields at the Steenpoort, to the rich (Catholic) community life at the Bischopspoort, and to the bastions and ravelins with green embankments at the Deurningerpoort.

Routing and realisation

However, the space for the Singel Park is limited, so parking will no longer be allowed in the park in the future. The traffic structure will also be adapted to maximise the experience and use of the park. The Singel Park will be built in phases. The first part is under construction near the In den Vijfhoek shopping centre. Archaeologists have uncovered the inner and outer gate of the Deurningerpoort, connecting walls and bastions. These finds bring renewed attention to the history of the city, and at present, further thought is given to how the Deurningerpoort will be shaped in the park.