Shantou Inner Bay

Shantou China

OKRA, together with Gensler, Aecom and the local government, has developed several visions for Shantou’s Inner Bay area during an international design workshop. The Shantou Estuary forms a valuable natural setting from the mountains, the river and the sea. The area comprises the bay area of Shantou and covers a broad design area of about 117 square kilometres, including the inner bay and bay entry areas.

Resilient urban landscape
The area faces the pressure of urbanisation and climate change. More than half of the area consists of water, part of it is mountainous. Four key areas are part of further exploration: Niutianyang, the dock area, the power plant area, the wharf storage area and the area of Mayu Island. The objective was to develop a design vision for a resilient urban landscape. The urban planning and landscape architecture design include the implementation of multifunctional flood protection from the river and the sea, the enlargement of green-blue structures, transit-oriented development and the generation of innovative urban typologies. The focus is on sustainable development, well-being and inclusive growth.

Appealing eco-harbour city
Transforming Shantou’s Inner Bay area into an appealing destination, whilst embracing its landscape qualities and cultural identity, will change the image of the coastal town and enhance the new economy. An integrated landscape – urban development linked with a coherent land development – will turn Shantou into an eco-harbour city with a natural bay. Key to this is that mountains, the bay, the rivers and the city are interconnected, and that landscape will be present in all places.